Red panda

Red panda


Hymalayan Mountain Range




Subtropical an temperate forests

Latin Name

Ailurus fulgens

IUCN conservation status

Featuring a splendid red coat, red pandas have only their name and their love of bamboo in common with their famous "cousins", the giant pandas.

An almost Exclusive Bamboo Diet

The word panda literally means "bamboo eater". In fact, They have a false thumb that helps them to grasp bamboo stems and tear off the leaves. Although the woody plant is the main part of their diet, they also eat roots, lichen, fruit, eggs and small animals.

Equipped for a Life Perched Up in the Trees

Red pandas have sharp semi-retractable claws very useful when climbing trees. These small mammals even climb down tree trunks head first. Their particularly bushy tail is used as a pendulum when moving upwards and acts as a scarf to help them keep warm in winter.

A Solitary Life almost All Year-Round

Red Pandas only socialize during the breeding season, a brief period between January and March. They leave scent signals at strategic points throughout their territory to mark their presence. A few days before the birth of her cubs, the female builds a nest and takes care of her young alone.

A 50% Population Decrease over the Last 20 Years

The rapid expansion of human populations in their distribution area is leading to the fragmentation of their habitat through deforestation. Poaching activities are reportedly on the rise and the special life cycle of bamboo, their main food source, adds to the threats. There are fewer than 10,000 red pandas still living in the wild.

Featured animal


Date of birth

June 16, 2019


18.04 lb / 8.2 kg


Crimson, a female with a lot of character, was born in Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo. She arrived at the Zoo de Granby in 2020, where she joined the male Kelly and quickly took her place!

Fun fact

To spot Crimson in her habitat, just look towards the top of the large pine tree. She seems to have adopted this spot and can spend the entire day sleeping here. Comfort at its best!

Featured animal


Date of birth

June 12, 2015


13.6 lb / 6.2 kg


Born in the Cincinnati Zoo, Kelly arrived at the Zoo de Granby in 2016. With a unique genetic makeup, it's truly in his best interest to reproduce in order to participate in the conservation of this endangered species!

Fun fact

Playful and energetic, Kelly is always on the move. Nothing is too much for him! Whether it's running around or even climbing on the technicians in search of food rewards. A true treat lover!

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Adopt Crimson

By adopting Crimson, you are not only creating a special bond between yourself and one of our star animals, but you are also directly participating in the Zoo de Granby's conservation education mission.