South America

South America

A Foray inside the world of sun worshiping civilizations

Through numerous Mayan, Incan and Aztec legends, discover a rich and varied fauna and its relationship with these ancient peoples. Marvel at the majesty of the Andean condor or the antics of the friendly Goeldi' marmosets! Furtively approach the powerful jaguar and look for the sloth sleeping high up in the trees. A multitude of different species come together here, recreating the profusion of life to be found in the Amazon rainforest. Your journey ends with the alligator basin crossing

The Andean Condor Aviary

With a wingspan of more than 3 metres, the great condor is an imposing creature, especially when it performs its courtship ritual fully displaying its wings! Although its barren head intimidates many, it remains an emblematic and vulnerable icon of the Andean Cordillera. In fact, the Zoo de Granby is one of the few zoological institutions to breed these birds.

The Temple

Here, the cultural references to ancient civilizations blend together to offer you a spellbinding experience with a generous and surprising fauna. The New World primates are typically restless, while boas and anacondas seek to escape inquisitive gazes. Macaws display their magnificent colours while sloths... laze!

The Jaguars' Habitat

The largest and most powerful felines in the Americas remain furtive as visitors observe them in summer and winter, in the Temple or in their magnificent outdoor habitat. Look up and see them perched on the highest platform available in their environment. On hot summer days, don't be surprised if you see them wading happily in their pond. Unlike their domestic cousin, jaguars love water!

The Bayou

Don't be fooled by their casual demeanour, alligators have their eyes on you! In summer, admire their solid armour as they bask in the sun on the beach, near the pond. In winter, they wait in the warmth of the Bayou for the warm weather to return: observe them from the large windows!

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