Certains employés du Zoo de Granby continuent d'être en grève aujourd'hui. Notez par contre que le parc animalier, le parc aquatique et le parc des manèges demeurent ouverts et prêts à recevoir des visiteurs pour une belle journée au Zoo de Granby !

Nous sommes conscients que la grève aura de légers impacts sur l'expérience de nos visiteurs. Consultez la page Info Grève pour voir la liste de ces changements mineurs à la programmation.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions

You’ll find all the answers to the most often asked questions right here. If you have a doubt please contact our customer services department.


No. You don’t need to make a reservation to visit the zoo. However, online purchases are recommended and allow you to benefit from a discount on the cost of your day ticket.

NEW! Following a directive from the city of Granby, the discount applicable to entrance tickets is only available to residents of Granby who hold the ''carte-loisirs'' issued by the city of Granby. To take advantage of this discount, Granby residents simply need to present themselves at the admissions on the day of their visit and show their valid ''carte-loisirs''. Free for individuals aged 65 and over for the months of June, September, and October, for Granby residents only. They must provide proof of residence.

Group rates apply to groups of 20 people or more. To make a request, contact our customer services department by calling 450 372-9113.


A membership gives you unlimited access to the site, no reservations are required. You also benefit from a 15% discount at all our boutiques and restaurants. *Activities and rides that require paying a fee aren’t included in the membership. Consult the membership rules and conditions.

No. The admission ticket covers the entire site of the zoo, including the water park and the rides. 

*Activities and rides that require paying a fee aren’t included in the price of a day ticket.

Most of the rides are free. However, for some rides for which you’ll need to pay a fee. Consult the RIDES page for all the details.

Presently no discount coupons are available. However, an online purchase will allow you to benefit from a discount on the price of a day ticket. Consult the website’s TICKET section to find the current admissions rates.


Consult the Zoo website’s DIRECTIONS section.

Consult the Zoo website’s SCHEDULE to find all the details relating to our program.


Yes, parking is free on the site of the zoo. When the main parking area is full, we offer a continual shuttle service between the alternative parking lot and the zoo.

Yes, you’ll find eight Electric Circuits charging points installed in the main parking lot. Please note that a dedicated electric vehicle zone is available for vehicles waiting to be charged, or for those with a full charge. This allows you to quickly vacate the station without having to worry about finding a parking space.

Yes, you can. However, no services are available. You must also follow our staff’s instructions, who may ask you to move to a location that facilitates parking for the team.

Yes, several food catering facilities are available on the site. Visit the website’s RESTAURANT section for more details about our offer.

Of course you can! We have several different picnic areas on the site. However, we don’t allow bringing your personal alcohol beverages. Furthermore, you cannot bring a BBQ grill or any other cooking device. Also, please note that all glass containers are prohibited on the site of the water park. Bags and coolers can be searched at the zoo’s entrance zones.

Although we encourage you to limit your comings and goings, it’s possible to do so by having your hand stamped at the gate.

You can only feed the animals of the mini-farm, the lorikeets and the stingrays, and only with our food, which you can buy on the site. It is forbidden to feed any other animal at the zoo.

It’s forbidden to bring pets onto the site, with the exception of service animals. When you visit the site with your service animal, you must go to the customer services department to register and to learn about the rules you’ll need to follow during your visit. You must also present the document certifying that your animal is accredited by a recognized organization as well as an up-to-date vaccination booklet (rabies, kennel cough, basic vaccines).

Please note that we have a kennel facility available for your pets so that you don’t have to leave them in your car during your visit.

Breastfeeding rooms are available. They’re indicated on the site map. Microwave ovens are also available here, as well as at our catering venues.

Yes, the Zoo de Granby is accessible and has received a Kéroul accreditation.

Yes, we do. Consult the website’s Rentals section for all the details relating to the service.

Yes. We have several pavilions where you can find shelter during downpours. Please note when thunder is heard, the amusement park and the water park will cease their operations until the storm has passed.

To signal lost items, go to the customer services counter, call 450 372-9113 or contact us by writing to


Decent, light and tight-fitting swimwear is mandatory. We also accept wetsuits, rash guards and burkinis. Natural fibre clothing (cotton, linen and hemp) isn’t permitted. Cords for your glasses are also required in some areas of the water (available on the site).

Consult the Zoo website’s RULES section to find all our water park policies.

The Amazon Slides have a minimum height requirement of 1.22 m (48 inches). The Adventure River requires that children 1.22 m (48 inches) and smaller must wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.

Yes. However, they’re not allowed to enter the water installations.


Most of the rides are free. However, for some rides for which you’ll need to pay a fee.

La plupart des manèges sont gratuits, mais certains manèges sont payants. Vous pouvez consulter la liste des manèges ici.

Each attraction has its own safety regulations. These are specified at each of them.

For hygienic purposes, no swimwear is allowed; wearing another garment to cover your swimwear is required.

Consult the website’s AMUSEMENT PARK section to find out more about our Amusement Park policies.


Yes, it’s possible to bring any type of children’s sled. However, you should know that our paved or gravel paths aren’t always covered in snow.

Yes, we have strollers and carts available at our rental services. You can enquire about these by visiting our boutique La Brocante.

Yes, many indoor pavilions will allow you to warm up throughout your visit. We also have a few wood burning campfires on the site. The restaurant le Marché also offers warm meals and beverages.

Yes. However, you may not always be allowed to bring your lunch box to the restaurant le Marché since they will need to give priority seating for the restaurant’s customers on busier days. When this is the case, lunch box rooms are open to visitors.

Yes, the site is accessible all winter and the paths are well cared for. However, some sections could become less accessible on certain days. We strongly recommend that our visitors with limited mobility be accompanied during their winter visits to the zoo.