Certains employés du Zoo de Granby continuent d'être en grève aujourd'hui. Notez par contre que le parc animalier, le parc aquatique et le parc des manèges demeurent ouverts et prêts à recevoir des visiteurs pour une belle journée au Zoo de Granby !

Nous sommes conscients que la grève aura de légers impacts sur l'expérience de nos visiteurs. Consultez la page Info Grève pour voir la liste de ces changements mineurs à la programmation.



An adventure across the African continent

On the pathways through Africa, you're invited to go on a real journey across Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Cameroon, Madagascar and Botswana. You'll discover emblematic animal species and a fauna that we must protect.

As you make your way along the trail, admire the majestic elephants, the imposing white rhinoceros and the friendly lemurs! Relax for a moment at the African Lodge under the watchful eye of our African lions! Enter the Afrika Pavilion to observe a colony of mandrills and enjoy meeting the Western Lowland gorilla.

Embark on this very unique safari!

The African Savannah

The African Savannah is without a doubt one of the highlights of the Zoo de Granby. Its vast green expanse invites you to a contemplative experience! First, the impressive elephants welcome you, playing with their trunks to lazily tear up the tufts of grass on the ground. Giraffes, zebras and ostriches can be seen in the background, trotting under the trees or drinking from their ponds. There are many vantage points from which you can observe the characteristic wildlife of the African wilderness.

The Lodge and the lions' Indoor Habitat

Halfway through your African safari enjoy a well-deserved break in the shade of the stylish African Lodge's straw canopies. Satisfy a craving or enjoy the breathtaking 180-degree view of the savannah. Take a few pictures of the flamingo pond and venture into the heart of an abandoned Maasai village to meet the king of the animals: the African lion!

The Afrika Pavilion

You are invited into the forests of Eastern Africa. Here you are greeted by a colony of mandrills that will truly amaze you! Then the gorilla habitat opens up to offer a breathtaking view of the most powerful of all primates.

The Gorilla Valley

Did you know that the Zoo de Granby is the only place in Québec where you can observe gorillas? In summer, our giants are housed in a habitat specially designed to promote their well-being where they can enjoy the sunshine and the elevated structures. This space without wire fencing allows for a very unique contact.

The Hippo River

Come view 4,000 kilos of hippos swimming in 360,000 litres of water! Through a huge glass window, you'll admire the grace and aquatic agility of these large mammals! Whether summer or winter, their unique performances are sure to make your visit memorable! Test your brute strength and your knowledge on our touch screens!

The Rhinos' Habitat

They're the only mammals to have a horn on their nose, making them unique in the world! See the world's second-largest land mammal in a specially designed environment, including a mud bath! As a treat never comes alone, you can also see the African bushpigs and marabouts that share its habitat.

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