Amusement park

Amusement park

Join the adventure and get ready to experience plenty of wild emotions!

Stroll across our colourful settings and hop on one of our themed rides in our Amusement Park. Enjoy yourself with over ten activities: bumper cars, carousel, Ferris wheel, small motorbikes, small helicopters and much more!

Want to get your adrenaline flowing? The Kimbunga dugout, the Python Panic rollercoaster and games of skill await the most adventurous!

Open in Summer and Autumn

In order to provide you with an exciting experience when you visit the Zoo, the amusement park is open during the summer season and on autumn weekends starting at noon. Our rides await small and tall alike for a moment of pure entertainment like no other! Smiles will abound as you enjoy our free rides until the site closes!

Discover our Attractions

Python Panic

Let yourself be carried away by a series of thrilling curves, turns and descents at a top speed of 50 km/h!

7D Movie Theatre

Put on your special glasses, grab your laser and get ready for an exhilarating multi-sensory, competitive adventure!

The Orient Express Aerial Train

Hop aboard this unmissable Zoo attraction and enjoy a unique view of our tigers and pandas from high above!

Kimbunga Pirogue

Experience new sensations as you swing almost 15 metres up the air at a speed of 45 km/h!

The Ferris Wheel

This pleasant ride will delight small and tall alike as it takes you up into the sky and offers just the right amount of butterflies in your stomach!

There's Still Much More!

Helicopter or motorbike rides, as well as several other rides, will maximize the fun! You'll zigzag between the different attractions, with a smile on your face, in this family zone where your child is king!

Much More Family Fun

The vast majority of our rides are included in the admission price. For the few exceptions, you can purchase ride tokens to access them on the site.

Amusement Park Private Opening

Transform your group event by enjoying our amusement park in private, away from the crowds, and outside public operating hours. Our teams will be on hand to make sure you experience unforgettable moments at the height of your expectations.


Depending on the season, consult the current rates, as well as the different offers and promotions. Buy your tickets online and save!

Terms and Conditions

For the safety of our animals and our visitors, we ask you to read carefully our recommendations and guidelines.


Do you have a question about the planning of your visit? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions page and find the answers to our visitors' most frequently asked questions.