Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

Our educational and fun workshops aim to raise awareness with young people of all ages about the preservation of biodiversity!

For more than thirty years, our naturalist interpreters have been meeting with your students to help them discover the extraordinary animal world! With more than 6,000 artifacts, some fifty animal ambassadors and a team of experienced biologists, we offer captivating turnkey educational workshops!

Your students can experience unique contact with live animals and you can also request content tailored to special needs groups.

Ask about our workshops designed especially for autonomous.

Four types of workshops

  • You're planning to visit the zoo with your class? Our naturalist interpreters are inviting you to join them on a guided tour with workshops at the zoo.
  • Thanks to our Zoomobiles that take our biologists across Québec, they're able to come to your school with our in-class workshops.
  • Invite the Zoo de Granby and its experts to a videoconference, in the comfort of your classroom, with our remote workshops.
  • Experience an exciting and unforgettable overnight stay as you join in our Explorers' Safari class. A unique opportunity to discover our nocturnal wildlife.

Our workshops

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    Get a discount of $30 to $150 for more than one in-class workshop at the same location!

    *A minimum of two presentations is required to authorize travel.

    Preparation and Travel Costs (travelling Workshops)

    *101–125 km (and Montréal)$220
    *126–149 km$280
    *more than 150 km$280* + $1/extra km
    Additional fee per naturalist on the Island of Montréal and on the North Shore of the Island of Montréal$30