Protection of chimney swift nesting sites

Protection of chimney swift nesting sites
Project in nature
$20 000 and more

Protecting the nest to save the species 

Chimney swifts, these small swallow-like birds, are a threatened species in Canada. In fact, since the 1970s, we’ve observed a 95% global decline of their populations. The decreasing number of nesting and roosting sites has been identified as one of the major factors limiting their population growth. Although traditionally swifts would have used large-diameter hollow trees, since the beginning of colonization and forestry operations, they’ve adopted masonry chimneys. Nowadays, developments in heating and certain changes in regulations are leading to a marked reduction in the number of suitable and accessible chimneys. If the trend continues, very few chimneys will still be available for the species within a few decades. Chimney sweeping operations during the period of occupation is also problematic.

Future vision

In the future, the Zoo de Granby plans to carry on with all these projects and more! In the years to come, we even want to work with municipalities and chimney-sweeping companies to adopt conservation agreements to protect swifts during their breeding season.


Since 2017, the team of the Zoo de Granby has carried out several actions for Chimney Swifts, whether for research, banding and telemetric monitoring, construction of artificial chimneys, monitoring of residential chimneys and raising awareness within the community. We’re also consulted by various other organizations interested in carrying out similar projects.

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