Mantled guereza

Mantled guereza


Central Africa




Tropical Forests

Latin Name

Colobus guereza

IUCN conservation status

These elegant acrobats stand out with their very long white hair, giving the impression they're wearing a cape.

A Diet Based on the Foliage Consumption

70% of guerezas' diet consists of leaves from different tree species. They can eat 2 to 3 kg of leaves per day, which is about 25% of their body weight. Flowers, bark, fruit and buds are also eaten. Guerezas have been known to eat ash and soil to supplement their mineral requirements.

A great jumper

Their long hind legs are very muscular and are used to leap from tree to tree. Using a branch as a springboard, they can leap up to a distance of 15 metres. Their long tails help to maintain balance when moving. Buttock calluses allow them to sit comfortably for long periods.

A Social Structure Based on the Family Link Between Females

Females generally remain in the group in which they were born and a hierarchy is established among them. Young males are usually driven out of the group by the breeding male before they reach sexual maturity, forcing them to group together until they have composed their own harem.

Long Hunted for Their Fur and Sensitive to Deforestation

Their beautiful black and white coat was used in the 19th century for fashion items that were highly prized in Europe. Today, agricultural deforestation and the harvesting of precious wood pose the greatest long-term threat to their populations.

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