The Nairobi Room

The Nairobi Room

Bright and elegant, the Nairobi room offers a warm atmosphere that will accommodate all your events.

It's the second largest room in terms of capacity: it can accommodate up to 230 guests in a banquet format. It's strategically located near two of the site's major attractions, the Amazoo Water Park and the African Lodge, on the top floor of a building entirely designed and dedicated to holding events. A private terrace, directly on the roof adjacent to the room, adds to its charm. Its location gives your guests direct access to the site via the Zoo's vast parking lot. Electric vehicle charging stations are also available.

Number of seats 230

Number of standing places 463

Area 4 306 sq. ft.

Availability 4 seasons

The Second Largest Room in the Zoo

Inaugurated in 2019, the Corporate Pavilion offers direct access to the water park for corporate and private groups. Would you like to offer your guests a walk along the paths of Africa? The African Lodge is located just a few steps from the Nairobi Room and offers a 180-degree view of the African savannah from its huge terrace. Specially designed for corporate and private events, the Nairobi Room appeals to guests for its intimacy and contemporary decor.

Who is Nairobi? A famous resident of the Zoo, this magnificent male lion was one of our most cherished residents from 1997 to 2015. Weighing more than 160 kg and with a particularly dense mane, this magnificent feline was captured in more than a few photographs. As the proud progenitor of some 10 offspring, Nairobi has contributed to the reproductive success of African lions in a zoo environment, the species being considered vulnerable in the wild.

Services available

  • Round tables seating 10 guests
  • Tablecloths, chairs and cutlery
  • Lighting ambiance
  • Bar(s)
  • Background music
  • A projection system (2 screens)
  • Stage up to 8 x 12 ft (modular)
  • WIFI 
  • Coat room / Accessible directly from the parking lot


The Zoo de Granby is a not-for-profit organization. By holding your event at the Zoo, you are directly supporting the Zoo's mission and initiatives in animal well-being and nature conservation.

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