The Australian Crossing

The Australian Crossing

Immersive and surprising, the Australian Crossing invites you to the land of marsupials!

Coral reefs, moray eels, shark turtles and jellyfish are all on display in this marine world exclusive to the Zoo. Your guests will enjoy watching the clown fish in the middle of the anemones, or the graceful ballet of the giant guitarfish. This lounge-like space is ideal for festive cocktails or for a happy hour after a hectic business meeting.

Number of standing places 100

Availability Spring, Summer and Autumn

Services available

  • Bistro tables / benches / white chairs
  • Wedding ceremony furniture
  • Bar
  • Background music
  • WIFI
  • Coat room / parking


The Zoo de Granby is a not-for-profit organization. By holding your event at the Zoo, you are directly supporting the Zoo's mission and initiatives in animal well-being and nature conservation.

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