Lions' Indoor Habitat

Lions' Indoor Habitat

Immersive and exotic, our indoor lion habitat will add a touch of class to your cocktails!

Inaugurated in 2019, this all-new habitat offers a unique environment and experience for our animals... and for your events! Enjoy the presence of Congo and her lionesses during your cocktail hour. And if the sight of our felines is not enough to amaze your guests, the unique atmosphere of this bright space, dominated by a giant baobab tree, will certainly do just that.

Number of standing places 110

Area 1 400 sq. ft.

Availability 4 seasons

Services available

  • Square tables
  • Tablecloths, chairs and cutlery
  • Bar
  • Background music
  • WIFI 
  • Coat room / parking


The Zoo de Granby is a not-for-profit organization. By holding your event at the Zoo, you are directly supporting the Zoo's mission and initiatives in animal well-being and nature conservation.

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