Private Opening of the Amazoo Water Park

Private Opening of the Amazoo Water Park

Incorporate a refreshing pause into your event and take advantage of our aquatic facilities in private.

Would you like to take advantage of a private opening of our water park, one hour before we open to the general public? Or would you rather extend your day of fun at the Zoo with an evening swim? Whether it's before or after opening hours, come and enjoy our aquatic installations in complete privacy!

For your group's enjoyment, the Yalaka wave pool and our water slides are offered exclusively to your guests!
All this, under the careful supervision of our certified lifeguards. Fun and relaxation are guaranteed for children and adults alike!
* The minimum height required to access our slides is 8 inches (1.22 m).

Number of people recommended 100+

Availability Summer


The Zoo de Granby is a not-for-profit organization. By holding your event at the Zoo, you are directly supporting the Zoo's mission and initiatives in animal well-being and nature conservation.

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