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Protecting endangered species in Latin America

Protecting endangered species in Latin America
South America
Project in nature
$20 000 and more

Zoo de Granby and Sherbrooke University join forces to help endangered species in Latin America.

With the objective of furthering research and conservation on endangered species, several master's degree projects have been initiated in 2022. These graduate biologists carry out their projects with organizations whose mission is to protect these fragile and emblematic species: sea turtles in Martinique and the jaguar in Mexico are the first two research projects initiated under this agreement. This is what we call “getting professional in the field while studying”. Migratory birds, bats and amphibians could also benefit from this research and knowledge acquisition agreement for wildlife conservation and protection.

The impact

A pilot project on sea turtle ecology, egg-laying monitoring and the impact of tourists on Martinique's beaches was begun in autumn 2022. One of the partners in this project is Aquasearch.

The numbers

Dozens of hawksbill and leatherback turtle nests were surveyed in 2023 and will be surveyed again in 2024. This represents almost 40,000 turtle eggs to be protected against predation, human disturbance and sudden climate change.

Vision for the future

The goal remains to expand the number of partners involved in the different projects, in part through the involvement of the CEGEP de Granby, which specializes in tourism, to promote the value of sustainable tourism and ecotourism for these species.


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Director, conservation and research

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In addition to working directly in the field, the Zoo financially supports the initiatives of some fifteen conservation organizations in ten countries around the world to save endangered species. It also collaborates with some forty partners who are dedicated to the protection of our flora and fauna.

Thanks to our partners